Falconair Visits Fort Albany First Nation

On March 11-12, 2018, Falconers LLP lawyers, Julian Falconer and Elysia Petrone-Reitberger, were welcomed by the Chief and Council of Fort Albany First Nation for purposes of providing legal support on various issues seeking to be addressed by the community.

Falconers LLP thanks Chief Solomon and the Fort Albany community for the invitation, and are especially grateful for Deputy Chief Nakogee, for the tour of the James Bay coast and the best trip to Tim Hortons in Kashechewan ever.

From right to left: Chief Andrew Solomon, Elysia Petrone-Reitberger and Julian Falconer

Deputy Chief Bobby Nakogee (right) and Elysia Petrone-Reitberger

Deputy Chief Bobby Nakogee giving a tour of James Bay to Falconers lawyers

Tim Hortons in Kashechewan

Julian and Willy

Deputy Chief Bobby Nakogee (left) and Elysia Petrone-Reitberger

Aerial view of Thunder Bay

Aerial view of Thunder Bay

Aerial view from Falconair 

Aerial view from Falconair

Julian Falconer in Fort Albany First Nation riding in style

Aerial view from Falconair


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