Toronto Sun Column: Taverner Not a Hill Worth Dying For

Lorrie Goldstein, writing for The Toronto Sun, pointed to one “inescapable reason” why Premier Doug Ford should not follow through on his appointment of Ron Taverner as OPP Commissioner.

“It’s that putting the longtime Ford family friend in charge of the OPP will put both the premier and the Progressive Conservative government he leads in an ongoing conflict of interest.”

“The fact that the head of the OPP is a longtime, personal friend of the premier and his family would create a perceived conflict of interest…”

As Goldstein explains, the perception of a conflict of interest has already come into play in the process of Taverner’s appointment as commissioner.

“The issue remains that the qualifications for being chosen as OPP Commissioner by the selection committee were changed in the middle of the process so Taverner could be considered for the job.”

“Smart politicians know when it’s time to abandon a hill that it’s not worth dying on. This is that time for Ford.”
-Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun

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